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Thank you so much for the sincere interest you took as I talked about my life with Dominoe, and my life without her. I'm so glad their are people like you at a time like this. God Bless You!


Doyle L. Shugart

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when my pet dies?

What happens with my pet when I leave?

Should I choose cremation or burial?

Do you offer mass or commual cremation?

If I choose cremation, how soon can I get my pet's cremains back?

Why should I choose Deceased Pet Care Funeral Home and Crematories?

What do I do when my pet dies?
Many leave the disposition of their pet up to their veterinarian and/or friends.  Unfortunately, by doing that they never really understand what happens to their pet. It is important that you know your options.  By calling our office direct, you will be connected to one of our staff counselors to discuss your options.  

The decision of how you want your pet taken care of is always your decision.  As the preferred choice of Veterinarians, we work with all veterinarians across the state.  You may instruct your clinic to call us, or you may call us direct.   If your pet passes away at home, we can come to your home or you may bring your pet to our funeral home.  All that is needed is a phone call to us. 

What happens with my pet when I leave?
To us, your pet is a member of your family.  From the moment we receive your pet, our staff counselor will prepare a personalized tag for your pet which remains with him/her throughout their aftercare.  Your pet will never be a number on a metal disc to us, but rather your pet has a personalized tracking record listing their name, your name, and all pertinent details of your pet.  You will find this tag with your pet's remains in every case assuring you that your precious little one is returned home to you. 

If you choose private cremation for your beloved pet, our crematory facility is located on-site, meaning, from the time we receive your pet into our care, your pet is brought directly to our funeral home and does not leave until you pick him/her up.   Our custom designed walk-in cooling facilities are maintained at an appropriate temperature where your fur baby rests comfortably until the appointed time for his/her cremation and/or burial services, if so desired. 

At the appointed time of the cremation service, the Universal Prayer for Pets by Albert Schwitzer is read by our Certified Crematory Operator prior to the beginning of your pet's cremation.  

Should I choose cremation or burial?
At Deceased Pet Care we are NOT just a pet crematory but a full service pet funeral home offering private cremation services including chapel viewing services and same day services, if you desire.  We also offer individual burial services in licensed perpetual care pet cemeteries.  Our cemeteries are established as a memorial park, well-protected and preserved where you may visit your pet 7 days a week.  With burial, you have several gardens from which to choose, including:  

  • Estate burial gardens offering you the opportunity to plan for all your family of pets,
  • Individual burials in a choice of distinctive gardens, and 
  • A Cremains Burial Garden where Pet Parents and thier Pets can be buried alongside one another in a permanent resting place amid beautiful gardens.  
  • In addition, we have a Garden of Honor dedicated to the K-9 police officers of all police departments in metro-Atlanta area.  We currently have 44 K-9 officers interred in our beautiful Garden of Honor.  This is donated by the Shugart family foundation in recognition of the many sacrifices our K-9 officers make for the safety of our communities. 

When making this decision there are many factors to consider including your living situation, personal and religious values, as well as plans for the future, all of which can help you determine whether private cremation or burial of your pet is the right choice for you and your family. No matter what you decide, Deceased Pet Care can meet your needs within your budget.

Do you offer mass or communal cremation?
At Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes and Crematories we DO NOT OFFER MASS OR COMMUNAL CREMATION.  We are a full service pet funeral home specializing in personalized private cremation services.  

If I choose private cremation, how soon can I get my pet's cremains back?
According to the type of service you choose, it can be from 4 hours to 72 hours, depending upon your wishes.  If you choose our Same Day Services, you may come to our funeral home and be present with your pet during the cremation services receiving your pet's cremains the same day.   Our Pet Funeral Home features Private Chapels appropriate for a family viewing allowing you to say a final good bye to your beloved pet prior to any services.    

As one of the finest Pet Funeral Home facilities in the world today we have designed every feature for your family's personal comfort. 

Why should I choose Deceased Pet Care Funeral Home and Crematories?
Because we didn't just jump on the bandwagon......Doyle and Maudann Shugart recognized 40 years ago the need to respectfully take care of our pets who have spent their lives with us and are members of the family.  As a licensed Funeral Director for humans for more than 50 years, Doyle Shugart understood the importance of the grieving process. 


As members of the Shugart Family, all of our attention is devoted to meeting the needs of our pet parents and their wishes for their pet’s final arrangements.  Being family owned and operated means we are more responsive to your needs; it gives us greater flexibility in customizing arrangements to meet the needs of each pet family.  We have our own crematories, our own cemeteries, our own funeral homes, and therefore do not have to rely on a third party to provide this service. This gives us complete control of every aspect of your pet's aftercare for your peace of mind.  “Because Your Pet is a Member of the Family”, is the standard by which we live every day. 




If you want to honor the life of the friend who brought you so much joy, contact us to learn how we can help.

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