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Thank you for the kindness and compassion you provided as we said our good-bye to our sweet Mama beagle. We found Oak Rest Gardens to be such a peaceful, respectful place, and each member of your staff seemed to truly understand our grief. This was actually our 5th experience with Deceased Pet Care. Our sweet baby beagle passed away last year, and in previous years we've had to say good-bye. Each heart-breaking time, your services were truly comforting and completely professional.
  â€”The Burke Family


Doyle L. Shugart

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Ask a TrustDALE Expert

Pets are family members.  And when one crosses 'the Rainbow Bridge", it's comforting to know the amount of love Deceased Pet Care Funeral Home provides.  They also discuss the unique ways they can now assist with your grief, in this Ask a TrustDALE Expert.


Coping with Pet Loss

For many pet parents, losing a pet is like losing a best friend, a family member, and a trusted companion all at once. When that loss occurs, many are left with grief and other emotions that can be overwhelming, not knowing what to do or say to move forward, or even what to say to others in a similar predicament. Deceased Pet Care in Atlanta, offers a free monthly Pet Loss Support Group to help those through these emotions and the grieving process.


Atlanta and Company

Watch a video of Deceased Pet Care on Atlanta & Company.



Passing of a Great Man

Our hearts are saddened as we mourn the loss of one of the most caring and compassionate men God blessed the earth with..



Rescue Groups We Love

Deceased Pet Care is about helping you care for and honor your pets—this process starts the day you get them! We’re celebrating “gotcha days” everywhere with a list of our favorite shelters and rescues in Georgia.



Fox News Spotlights Deceased Pet Care Services

Deceased Pet Care is featured on Fox News Atlanta as the news crew discusses the importance of grieving for your pets.



Protect your pet this summer: Know the signs of heat stroke in animals

Atlanta didn’t get the nickname “Hotlanta” for nothing—The Georgia summer has a way of reaching triple digits in the later months and coupling a suffocating humidity even in cooler climes that sends most residents in search of air conditioning. While many of us are conscious of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke in ourselves and in our families, do you know the signs of heat stroke in your pets? Knowing what heat stroke looks like and how to act quickly in response to it could save your pet’s life.


Oak Rest Pet Gardens: A Respectful Retreat for Your Pets after Their Passing

We don’t like to think about losing a pet, but when you do, you probably picture a picturesque place for their remains where you can visit them and remember all of the wonderful times you had together. Deceased Pet Care works to provide pet parents with such an Eden through our Oak Rest Pet Gardens.



K-9 Heroes in Georgia Honored Through Deceased Pet Care

Canines make up a fair number of the police officers in your area, protecting and surviving right beside their human companions. Deceased Pet Care helps honor these heroes, including K-9 Caleb, a recently passed K-9 Officer.



Deceased Pet Care Now Offering a Pet Loss Support Group

Losing a pet can be extremely difficult, and it’s not something you have to go through alone. Join Deceased Pet Care and our Pet Loss Counselor for a Pet Loss Support Group



Deceased Pet Care Takes Care of Your Largest Pet Companions with Equine Services

Pets are not limited to dogs, cats, and small animals. Deceased Pet Care offers services to help you give a dignified and personal farewell to all of your animal companions, including horses, with our Equine Services.



Check out the Georgia Center for Humane Education

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month; the best way to help stop cruelty to animals is to teach people how to treat animals properly in the first place. One Georgia group, the Georgia Center for Human Education, is working to do just that.



Find Deceased Pet Care at these Upcoming Atlanta Events

Atlanta is a social city—Not only is it home to several professional sports teams and the world’s largest aquarium, it’s also a social media hub and the stomping grounds for countless festivals and popular events throughout the year. Summer is an especially active time for the city, and the festivities aren’t limited to two-legged participants.


Spring into spring with four great ideas for you and your pet

Spring is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the warming weather, the blooming flowers, and all that the season has to offer. Let your pet join in the fun with these great activity ideas that you can enjoy together.



Achoo! Dealing with pet allergies this spring

While spring pollen may be having you sniffling, don’t forget about your pet’s reaction to the yellow dust coating Georgia. Pets can also have sensitive, seasonal allergies; help them cope with these tips.



Celebrating Easter with your pets

Easter is a fun holiday for all, whether you focus on deeper meanings behind the celebration or on chocolate and egg hunts. Your pet can join the fun and stay safe with these helpful ideas!



Vets On The Go Help Georgia Natives Take Care of Their Pets

Getting to the vet office can be task, especially if your preferred vet is across town; it can also be hard on your budget when your pet needs a routine vaccine and you need to pay for an entire vet visit and work up to get it. Mobile can help solve both of these concerns in the state of Georgia—Here’s how.



Preserve Your Pet’s Memory with a Memorial DVD From Deceased Pet Care!

Photos fade over time and can’t always capture the true spirit of the beloved pets that we’ve lost. Videos are a great way to preserve your memories of your pet companion; Deceased Pet Care can help you with yours!



Hear about Deceased Pet Care on your radio!

As many of you know, Deceased Pet Care has the Trust Dale seal of approval from Dale Cardwell, one of the most trusted consumer advocates in Georgia. Now, you can hear about Deceased Pet Care and a special discount from Dale on the radio!



Gift Ideas for Your Pet and Pet Parents on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the day of love isn’t just for the people in your lives. This Valentine’s Day, show the pet parents and pets in your life how much you care with sweet Valentine’s Day gift. We have a few ideas to help you decide on the perfect present.



New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Cope with the Loss of a Pet

Losing a pet changes your entire daily routine, and can derail your life for a while. Even after the initial grieving stage, it’s hard to get on with our everyday lives when we lose a beloved family member. Try making a productive New Year’s Resolution to help you cope with the loss of a pet.



Snow Fashionable – Pet Fashions Perfect for the Winter Chill

We dress up our pets to give them cute accessories, and to keep them warm. Whether your pet wears a sweater to be a fashionista or just slides on booties to protect their paws (or both!) you’ll love these fabulous pet-wear finds.



What to Give Someone Who Just Lost a Pet

Losing a pet is hard enough, but when someone you know loses their pets around the holidays, it’s hard to balance out the holiday cheer with helping them through such a trying time. Combine your holiday gifts with helping them grieve with these products from Deceased Pet Care.



Caring for Your Aging Pets in the Winter

Everyone needs a little TLC in the winter time, but elderly pets call for a special kind of attention. Don’t forget these important steps to caring for your pet throughout the winter weather and holiday season.



Online Pet Memorial Offers Green, Permanent Memorial To Your Beloved Pet

Losing a pet is never easy. Telling everyone that your pet is gone after the fact is even harder. Make getting the news out a less arduous process and set up a permanent, treasured memorial to your pet with our Online Pet Memorial. Read our full post for more information on this service.


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”—Winterizing Your Pet

You winterize your car, your wardrobe, and your house—Why not your pet? Pet’s require special care, and even sometimes special items, in the winter to keep them snuggly and warm, just like we do. Here’s a great shopping list to help you give your pet the care they need in the coming winter months.


Santa Paws Is Coming to Town: The Best Holiday Gifts For Your Pet

Shopping for the holidays oftentimes includes a purchase for your pet! What's on your pet's wishlist this year? Here are a few ideas that you may want to add to Santa Paws' sleigh.


Pets Show Loyalty Even after Owner’s Death: Stories of Devotion

The bond between pet and pet parent is so strong that our memories even after losing a pet stay with us for life. While we often mourn their loss, some question whether pets truly mourn the death of a beloved person. The answer is yes, and some with more devotion than you would think.


Living in Memory: Grieving the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Losing a pet is difficult enough, but when you combine it with the usual cheer and nostalgia of the holiday season, it can be an even more painful or isolating experience. Deceased Pet Care knows that your pet’s final arrangements don’t end or begin your grieving process. Learn about our staff counselors, and how they’re here to help.



Happy Holidays: Keep Your Pet Safe and Sound During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time filled with fun, family, and celebration, but while many of our holiday traditions are great for humans, some can be hazardous to our pets. Be sure to note this holiday safety checklist to ensure that your pet enjoys the holidays just as much as you do.


Get Great Deals on Holiday Shopping for Your Pets

Holiday shopping is here, and with the mega-shopping day of Black Friday looming on the horizon, it’s time to start planning your list and making a game plan for the big event. As you make your list, don’t forget your furry friends this year. We’ve got the scoop on where to go and who’s offering sales for you and your pet companion.



Atlanta Dog Jog

Does your dog love a great run, or a nice stroll in the park? Make your next exercise outing something to bark about with the Atlanta Dog Jog at Piedmont Park. Get out and walk/run/jog with other pet lovers like you with their furry friends and benefit Canine Assistants along the way!



Don't Miss All of the Amazing Pet Events Coming to the Atlanta Area!

Are you looking to get social with your pets? Whether you've just moved to the Atlanta area and are looking to meet other people who are pet lovers, or if you just love to network with your pet, attending pet-friendly or pet-centered events in the area is always a great way to enjoy life with your animal companion. Check out these amazing events, along with staff from Deceased Pet Care, that we're sure you'll enjoy in the Atlanta area.


Take Care of Canine Soldiers Overseas With K9 Treats and Toys!

Deceased Pet Care is working with Hugs for Soldiers to give back to the canine soldiers that serve our country every day. Help them with us by donating treats and toys to “K9 Treats and Toys”, an initiative to give back to the four legged members of the military.



High-Class Kitties Rule the Runway with the Cotton States Cat Club in Gwinnett

From its humble beginnings to its current grandeur, the Cotton States Cat Club has been bringing glamour and beauty to the world of feline admiration for decades. The history behind the event as well what’s in store for 2011’s event brings a great deal to the cat loving community in Atlanta—Finally, an event that’s all about the felines!



Love Your Pet Through Holiday Cheer With a Helpful Pet Sitter

Holidays are a time of excitement and fun for people, but not all of the festivities are fun for your pet. So how do you help your pet through holiday travel, parties, and more? Deceased Pet Care has a few solutions to help you and your pet companion equally enjoy the holiday season.



A Prayer for Animals

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends, the animals...




Welcome to Atlanta's Newest Pet Centered Blog With Deceased Pet Care

Welcome to the Deceased Pet Care blog, our portal to connect with you and your pet. On our blog you’ll find useful information on pet events, caring for your pet, and how to take care of your pet now and in the future. Talk with us, laugh us, and gather some facts in this new online forum just for you.



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