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I just wanted to tell you thanks. I've emailed all my fellow pet-lovers the following: "This isn’t my favorite topic, but I was so impressed by this place that I wanted to share it with my fellow pet-lovers. I went to the Chamblee one and it was nicer than any funeral home I’ve ever been to and the people were awesome. I hope you never need it, but if you do, you couldn’t ask for better care." Thanks again, Christy
  —Christy, Lawrenceville, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Charlie
Age:  13, 2004 - 2017
Nickname(s):  Charlie Brown, Sir Charles, Mister Brown

About Charlie

Species:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic Longhaired
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
Favorite Treat:
   Anything dairy especially strawberry yogurt
Best Trick:
   Catching bits of dry food mid air with his paw
Favorite Game:
   He loved chasing bits of dry food id flick across the floor.
Favorite Pastime:
   Sun bathing
Special Skills:

Love Notes for Charlie:

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Handsome Charlie
Charlie you will be missed so very much. Your mom and brother will always cherish their memories of you. I remember the first time I met you. I thought "wow that's a big cat" and when I tried to pet Christopher and he looked at me like I was crazy, you came over and allowed me to stroke your head. I like to think over the next few months we became close friends. I'm sorry I never got to say good bye. I love you Charlie and I promise to do my best looking after your momma and brother.
Love always, Kristain
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Tokens of Love:


To our Charlie:

  I got Charlie when I was 22. Having just moved into my 1st apartment I wanted a companion. I stopped by a pet store in snellville. I went in and walked to a open crate with a litter of kittens. I picked one up, but put him down in order to pick up the one climbing the gate to get to me. I knew then,Charlie picked me. I took him home with me and that was the start to a companionship that forever changed my heart. Two years later in 06 my friend suggested Charlie needed a friend. I was skeptical but agreed. She brought a little black kitten to my apartment. He had been dropped off at her work,a vet clinic. Charlie wasn't very happy with my decision. For the first 2 weeks Charlie wouldn't even let me pet him. He'd hiss at me and was so mean to the little kitten. I called my friend and said I think you should come and get this kitten. It's not working out well. She convinced me to hang in there. Well another 2 weeks had passed and what do ya know,Charlie came around. Christopher had now became Charlie's buddy and the 3 of us were now a family. Charlie's passing was unexpected. Charlie wasn't just a cat but rather my best friend. Charlie and Christopher are the only 2 constants I've ever had in my life. No matter how ever changing my situation,good or bad they both have been right by my side. Sadly one half of my heart is gone but thankfully I still have the other half. Since Charlie's passing I've realized he was the one that bonded us all together. These past few days me and Christopher look at each a bit lost but comfort one another. Looking back over the years rather than constantly feel sad I've tried to focus on how lucky I was to have Charlie and all the joy we shared. We grew up together and me and Christopher will continue to grow with Charlie's presence forever in our hearts.
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